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Celebrate 25 Years of Digimon Anime With Nostalgic Music Video

posted on by Ken Iikura-Gross
Featuring late Kōji Wada's opening songs from 1st 4 TV series

With a boom in computer electronics in the mid-1990s, toy companies began experimenting with the idea of digital pets. While not the first digital pet, Bandai's Tamagotchi brand was the first to really take off with the idea in 1997.

It wasn't long after when the same company, as if to counter the popularity of Pokémon, introduced the world to Digimon. And while the Digimon digital pets had its fans, it wasn't until March 1999, when the anime series Digimon Adventure released, did the franchise really find its footing. Since then, Digimon has gone on to spawn several anime series, video games, and other merchandise.

And now, 25 years after the release of Digimon Adventures, the Digimon Partners YouTube channel released a medley music video celebrating the anime's legacy:

The video debuted on March 10 and features a medley of Kōji Wada's opening theme song for Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02, Digimon Tamers, and Digimon Frontier, set to animation from every Digimon anime series up to Digimon Ghost Game, including the movies. The video is a beautiful little trip down memory lane through the quarter century of Digimon anime. And with the late Wada being so integral to the early years of Digimon, this is an excellent way to honor his memory.

The just released at the popular #DIGIMONCON 2024 stream‼
⬇️ \Digimon Anime 25th first PV/

Bringing you the OP songs of the first four TV anime series in a new medley! (“Butter-Fly” “Target ~ Akai Shogeki” “The Biggest Dreamer” “FIRE!!”)
This special compilation PV looks back on 25 years 🎉

Please let us know your favorite scenes in the comments!

#デジモン #Digimon

It's almost shocking to think the Digimon anime franchise is now 25 years old. And a music video with clips from the entire run and Wada's music is a great way to celebrate that milestone. So, if you're in a festive mood and want to celebrate the 25th anniversary of a beloved anime series, check out this video.

Source: Digimon Partners YouTube, Digimon Partners Twitter, and Otakomu

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